Three Use Cases for Deception Technology in Healthcare

‘In today’s healthcare environments, new cyber vulnerabilities and risks open as fast as older ones get remedied. ‘

Healthcare providers and insurers are high value targets for cybercriminals. As attackers become more sophisticated, and as IT innovation continues to pick up pace, the escalation of cyber risk can easily overwhelm organizations with limited resources. No matter how much companies invest in security controls, attackers still manage to get in.

In this white paper, we describe three use cases that illustrate how deception technology can provide a nimble, easy-to-manage solution for stopping attackers that succeed in bypassing security controls. By planting fake information in the environment and identifying lateral movements, deception technology can:

3 Uses Cases for Deception Technology in Healthcare Thank You.jpg

  • Protect patient data from both insider and external threats.
  • Significantly improve security during M&A or other periods of business transformation
  • Secure operations that depend on legacy systems and proprietary medical technologies




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