Webinar: managing the risk of post-breach or "resident" attackers

A Discussion with the Ponemon Institute & Illusive CEO, Ofer Israeli

GBL Ponemon Institute Webinar - January 2019


If cyberattackers are not already present within your network, they will be. 

As organizations embrace this reality, they must shift to a risk-focused approach by shoring up the ability to deter, detect and respond to attackers to minimize business impact.

In this webinar, Illusive Networks Founder & CEO, Ofer Israeli, and Dr. Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute discuss how security teams are effectively defending their organizations against attackers once they have established a foothold in their networks. You'll learn:

  • What business impacts organizations are most concerned to protect against
  • The challenges security teams face
  • The challenge to focus security operations on high-risk areas

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