How Illusive Helps with Threat Hunting and Incident Investigation

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In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity threats, the ability of security teams to prevent, detect, analyze, and respond rapidly is critical. This was always a challenge, and with the unprecedented and dynamic global events of the past few months SOC and threat hunting teams are perhaps facing more difficulties than ever before.

In this webinar recording, we will share success stories of how Illusive Networks was able to provide the technology and security expertise to not only thwart attackers from reaching their targets and reduce the business impact of cyberattacks, but also discover new types of threats.

View the webcast to learn about:

  • How the extensive capabilities of the Illusive Platform empower security teams with early detection of in-network threats and accelerated incident investigation
  • Several examples of real security incidents that Illusive detected to help prevent potentially devastating attacks
  • Threat Hunting case studies
  • And more...


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