Using Illusive Networks’ Attack Surface Manager to Enhance Vulnerability Management

A SANS Whitepaper

SANS reviews Attack Surface Manager in depth and how it covers VM blind spots

Most organizations today have a vulnerability management (VM) program in place. Typically, it includes creation and maintenance of system and application inventory, monitoring for vulnerabilities and threats, remediation and patching cycles and vulnerability scanning. Even in the most mature vulnerability management programs, however, security teams are often challenged to discover all vulnerabilities across the environment, prioritize them and handle patching for all systems in a timely manner.. 

This SANS report, following an extensive and independent solution review, provides an in-depth look at how ASM offers a unique means to identify vulnerabilities—including vulnerable systems and data—within the network, and can then remediate issues on systems within attack paths toward critical assets.

Download the report to learn more about:

  • The challenges of locating network vulnerabilities 
  • How Attack Surface Manager continuously discovers assets in the environment and monitors systems for artifacts, allowing it to pinpoint attack paths that could be exploited by cyber attackers
  • Visibility from ASM into potential vulnerabilities and credentials throughout an environment and how attackers could potentially move along numerous attack paths  
  • and more... 

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