SANS Institute Webinar: Deception Matters

How Illusive Networks® Creates False Maps of
Cyber Assets, and Misdirect Adversaries 

In this webinar, SANS fellow Dr. Eric Cole recounts his review of Illusive Networks' deception and protection capabilities to show cyber deception in action. He attempted to deceive an attacker, and evaluated Illusive's scalability, manageability and believability.

Learn how Illusive Networks' deception solution can assist early detection and response, as well as hide the deceptive actions from the attacker. Dr. Cole reviews how:

SANS webinar.jpg

  • Illusive Networks’ Deceptions Everywhere® technology attracts adversaries to an “alternate reality” of your network, making detection faster and more accurate.
  • Attacker View™ provides the CISO with a full map of the information seen by attackers in any point on the network. 
  • Illusive's real-time forensics collect information at the moment of an attack and provides actionable reports to contain it.