Boosting IAM and Privilege Control Using Illusive Networks’ Attack Surface Manager

A SANS Whitepaper

SANS reviews Attack Surface Manager in depth and how it covers IAM gaps

If you look back at some of the biggest hacks and breaches of the past few years, many have involved privileged account hijacking and misuse. At the root of this are the challenges inherent in identity access management (IAM) and privilege control. Even organizations that have deployed privileged user management or privileged access management (PAM) tools still struggle with local credentials stored on systems that can be abused. 

This SANS report, following an extensive and independent solution review, provides an in-depth look at how ASM offers a unique means to augment identity and access management efforts by discovering credentials and accounts in use across the environment, particularly local accounts and credentials that have been stored or cached on systems where attackers could take advantage of them. 

Download the report to learn more about:

  • The challenges and risks of vulnerable privileged credentials 
  • How Attack Surface Manager can be used in a real attack scenario
  • Visibility from ASM into potential vulnerabilities and credentials throughout an environment and how attackers could potentially move along numerous attack paths  
  • and more... 

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