Key Tips to Preventing DDoS Attacks

What Can CIOs and CIOs learn from this DDoS Guide?

  • Motives behind DDoS attacks, such as extortion or repuational damage

  • Key DDoS attack categories, including application layer and network layer

  • The 5 most common types of attacks (e.g. SYN Flood, UDP Flood) 

  • How to be proactively defend your network in the wake of DDoS threats

Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks have become increasingly commonplace in data breaches, and can pose major problems for many organizations across numerous industries. DDos_Attacks.png

In the best case scenario, a DDoS attack can be a mild hinderance to operations. Yet, in the worst-case, it can be catastrophic and bring a system to its knees.

The key to preventing a DDoS attack is understanding cyber attackers, their motives and the techniques they use to carry it out.