World-Class Attacker Meets World-Class Deceptions

World-Class Attacker Meets
World-Class Deceptions

A Red Team Case Study

This global technology company's representatives were somewhat skeptical of deception technology and its effectiveness. They knew that deceptions would be deployed, and they had above-average knowledge of operating system vulnerabilities. Illusive's Blue Team set up the network environment for the test, defined policy, and deployed deceptions. The Red Team attacker, a cyber expert, with state-level attack skills, went to work. 

World Class Attacker Meets World Class Deceptions -  A Red Team Case Study by Illusive Networks.jpg

Download the report and find out how this world-class attacker's aggressive attempts were detected by Deceptions Everywhere®. The report:

  • Summarizes the actual events of this Red Team exercise
  • Step-by-step review of incidents that Illusive Networks® detected and real-time information that was gathered 
  • Exercise demonstrates how organizations can use illusive to discover cyber attackers and malicious insiders with speed and certainty.