Cyber Attacker's Arsenal Triggers His Own Failure 

A Red Team Case Study. Illusive Networks® Deceptions Everywhere® technology combats attackers by introducing an endless stream of false data to the environment.  In this Red Team exercise, the eCommerce offense opted for sophisticated and creative ways to capture the flag, assuming they would outmaneuver Illusive's Blue Team. Did their strategy pay off?

Download this short report and learn about the outcome of the exercise and why a threat deception approach to cybersecurity, focusing on the humans behind the advanced attacks, is the most effective way to deal with modern cyber threats. You will also: 

  • Get the background and steps leading up to this Red Team exercise 
  • Discover the step-by-step review of incidents that Illusive Networks® detected and see the real-time information that was gathered 
  • Understand the benefits this global eCommerce company realized when using Illusive Networks' Deceptions Everywhere® 


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