Gigaom Market Landscape Report: Deception Technology

Techniques for detecting breaches using decoys and lures.

See why Gigaom is bullish on deception technology for early breach detection!

Organizations have deployed dozens if not hundreds of security solutions aimed at identifying and stopping breaches. Nevertheless, attackers continue to penetrate perimeters and lurk in networks undetected for months to move laterally towards the critical data they want to steal. 

This special Gigaom report provides an in-depth look at how deception technology can even the odds in defenders' favor. Thanks to its ease of deployment, low overhead, management simplicity, scalability, and high-fidelity alerts, deception technology gives organizations a simple way to speed up breach detection and reduce attacker dwell time. 

Download the report to learn more about:

  • The reasons that deception technology is no longer a luxury and should be leveraged by every enterprise 
  • How deception's agentless technology enables easy deployment without the additional overhead of endpoint management
  • Why deception technology provides surprisingly high ROI 
  • The secret behind deception technology's low false positive rate
  • How deception provides organizations with a deep understanding of their own networks, systems, and the relationships between them. 

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