Cyber Attack Risk Assessment

Discover and identify hidden vulnerabilities in your network to minimize the risk of high-impact cyber events

Cyberattackers can find your hidden credentials—can you? Do you have visibility into your network environment and attack surface?

Illusive Networks provides a Cybersecurity Attack Risk Assessment to uncover invisible conditions in your network that enable lateral movement.

Within minutes you'll discover:

  • How many systems contain cached domain admin credentials—the keys to your kingdom
  • Which endpoints provide direct access to critical business assets 
  • The number of endpoints within three lateral moves from domain admin credentials
  • Improperly disconnected RDP sessions that provide high-level access
  • …and more.

With this information in hand, Illusive experts and end-user security teams will review and analyze results in an on-site workshop to determine how your organization could act on the data to reduce the attack surface.

To request a cybersecurity network assessment or sample report, please provide your details in the form and an Illusive representative will contact you shortly.