15 Essential Tools in Every Cyber Attacker's Kit

The only way to stop cyber attackers in their tracks is to learn to think like an attacker. To give you better insight into what tools attackers are using, we've compiled a list of 15 "must-have" tools for aspiring attackers.

These tools are not only open source, but also readily available to anyone who knows how to conduct a simple Google search and click a few buttons.

With mature open source tools, even an amateur can do serious damage to your network. Understanding how these tools work is a crucial first step to creating a more proactive security strategy.

Download 15 Essential Tools in Every Cyber Attacker's Kit to learn about:

  • Open source tool cyber attackers use, such as Kali Linux and Wireshark

  • Password cracking tools that automatically test all possible combinations 

  • Tools such as Nmap, which lets users "map" a target network and its ports